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AIMS360 x JOOR Integration Brings Positive Disruption to The Apparel Industry

Posted by JOOR on Fri, Aug 9, '19

This post was initially published by Jeanette Chu at AIMS360 - an integration partner of JOOR. You can see a version of the post on their website here.


The AIMS360 ERP integration with JOOR (the world’s largest digital wholesale marketplace) has produced a bounty of Order Management benefits to apparel companies. By way of this seamless integration, retail buyers and wholesale vendors can collaboratively share product and sales information online, while at the same time boosting the efficiency of their mutual order management processes.  This automation has rendered the old-fashioned (and slow) exchange of paper catalogs and purchase orders as a thing of the past.

The partnership of AIMS360 and JOOR first took form in 2013 at the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas. At the time, the AIMS360 ERP system was going through a breakthrough evolution from being an “on-premise” to a cloud-based platform.  Shahin and Shahrooz Kohan, owners of AIMS360, at the same time recognized the need to integrate 3rd party solutions into the new AIMS360 platform.  This led to a collaboration with JOOR to bring together the industry’s leading digital wholesale platform, JOOR, with the widely popular (and now enhanced) ERP solution, AIMS360.

The driver of the AIMS360-JOOR integration is rooted in increased efficiencies for buyers and sellers through the timely, accurate, and aesthetic presentation of the seller’s merchandise offerings, the ability for the buyer to plan and place their buys, and the expedited and automated processing of sales orders.  These efficiencies translate into faster speed-to-market, greater top-line sales, increased re-orders, and enhanced profitability for both the retailer and the seller.

A Game-Changing Integration

One early adopter of the AIMS360 and JOOR integration is RtA (Road to Awe).  David Rimokh, co-founder of RtA, says, “We used to have hundreds of linesheets [sales order forms] and would process them with pen and paper. Everything was done manually; we would circle the styles indicating what the customer wanted to buy. Then, it would take about three days for my team to input all the orders in our system. As a fast-growing fashion label, there are many challenges and urgencies…having to commit so much time to the manual and error-prone processing of sales orders was stunting the growth of our business”.

David continues, “Now [with the AIMS360 and JOOR integration] it only takes about 10 minutes or less to completely process an order. Compared to the old paper and email-based process, this newer process dramatically cuts the time to finalize and ship a customer order.  Customers can now submit their orders instantly online.”

According to Shahrooz Kohan, the ROI is simple, “Before this integration, style information, product inventory, and sales orders would have to be separately entered into both JOOR and AIMS360.  This was time-consuming and often led to mistakes. Now, customers, styles, linesheets, images, and inventory information seamlessly flow from AIMS360 to JOOR, and sales orders flow seamlessly from JOOR into AIMS360”.  Shahrooz further mentions, “even styles created in JOOR can map back to AIMS360 ensuring that both systems are always in sync.”

Not a One-Stop Shop

Since the initial integration of these systems five years ago, both JOOR and AIMS360 have evolved significantly. JOOR now features enhanced upload automation of style information, available inventory, line sheets, images, etc. AIMS360, for example, is now able to support multiple JOOR profiles for a single account. According to Shahrooz, “We have the resource capability and commitment to constantly improve the solution and the user experience.

Transforming Business Management and Order Processing

AIMS360 is an industry-leading ERP software solution used by over 500 apparel companies. JOOR is the world’s largest digital wholesale marketplace for the best brands and top retailers worldwide.  With the integration of these two solutions, the business of buying and selling has become increasingly effortless and more profitable. For David Rimokh, “I don’t know how we existed before AIMS360 and JOOR.  AIMS360 is the gatekeeper of my company’s information and has enhanced every aspect of our operation, from production, operations, and even finance.  And with JOOR, all we need is an iPad to book orders and their follow up tools to achieve faster order confirmations. This has led to a huge transformation for our business and greater success.”

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Photos / Courtesy of RTA Brand

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