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JOOR and NJAL Partner to Create New Digital Paths for Emerging Designers

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Apr 30, '20

Fashion and wholesale succeed through partnerships.  The industry’s highly interconnected ecosystem makes it strong, agile, and able to continuously reinvent under fire.  The independent designer/department store collaboration exemplifies this dynamic: it re-energizes wholesale year-on-year, serving as a vital innovation engine and a bridge to the future.  Outdated marketing and operations practices, however, have begun to hold it back.  Through the ‘100 Project,’ JOOR and Not Just a Label (NJAL) are forging more open and efficient digital pathways to set up the young talent/retailer alliance for the long term win.

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Four Ways JOOR Can Help Fashion Brands' Wholesale Business Right Now

Posted by JOOR on Mon, Apr 6, '20

The coronavirus has brought intense challenges to our industry--ones we have never had to face. Even in this shifting environment, however, there are two things we can hold on to with certainty:

  • Our industry has always shown unmatched teamwork and tenacity in the face of global crisis--whether economic, or humanitarian.
  • This time around, we not only have each other--we have technology in our corner as well.
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Forced Cancellations Jumpstart Virtual Fashion Technology (Source: Vogue Business)

Posted by JOOR on Fri, Mar 20, '20

Amid a moratorium on events and calls for more sustainable practices, tech that facilitates virtual fashion presentations is thrust into the spotlight.

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Successfully Upselling to Buyers with JOOR

Posted by JOOR on Fri, Mar 13, '20

An interactive client base is essential for your wholesale business, however, are you fully taking advantage of your own knowledge when it comes to maximizing sales? With JOOR, upselling can become a seamlessly integrated part of your day-to-day business if you use the right tools at the right time. No one understands your buyers more than you, so let us show you how you can leverage that knowledge and upsell to your buyers on JOOR.

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JOOR Helps Sustainable Brand Tribe Alive Streamline Processes and Power Wholesale Growth

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Feb 20, '20

“There is often an assumption that ‘sustainable’ can’t live in mainstream fashion. JOOR helped us break into the wholesale space in such a way that we can compete with ‘normal’ brands and truly go mainstream. That’s a good thing for Tribe Alive--and a good sign for fashion in general.” -- Hannah Paul, Brand Development Associate, Sales and Ethics, Tribe Alive.

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JOOR Simplifies Order Payments for Pro Brands

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Feb 13, '20

JOOR Payments plays a key role in optimizing your business and its needs, enabling users to take advantage of JOOR’s industry-leading all-in-one wholesale platform. The result: your brand can now capture orders, send invoices and receive payments, all in one place. Setup is a breeze. It’s just another way that we’re making wholesale smooth, smart and simple. Log in and set up JOOR Payments today.

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Digital Disruption - JOOR's Kristin Savilia Shares Insights into the Retail Industry's Need for Smarter Technology

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Dec 17, '19

This post was initially published by WWD. You can see a version of the post here.

A digital transformation has taken hold of the retail industry, making use of technology table stakes and access to data critical. And digital business-to-business wholesale management platform businesses, like JOOR, are
initiating that transformation by creating solutions for brands and retailers that provide immediate insights for smarter, informed business decisions. 

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Cancel and Replace Styles on Orders

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Nov 26, '19

50% of brands’ style changes are caused by drops/cancellations. With JOOR’s Cancel/Replace Styles tool, you can easily cancel, replace and notify buyers of changes to ordered styles. Using the JOOR Cancel Style functionality, you can easily drop styles from any or all of your orders. Using the Replace Style functionality, you can recoup potentially lost revenue by replacing cancelled styles.

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Strong Brands, Relevant Content, Growing Networks: Why The Fashion Industry's Players Come Together at PREMIUM & SEEK

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Nov 26, '19

PREMIUM PREMIUM GROUP’s powerful event portfolio includes the international fashion trade shows PREMIUM and SEEK as well as the FASHIONTECH Berlin conference and masterclasses on innovation topics – all happening twice a year in Berlin.

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The Art of the Upsell

Posted by JOOR on Mon, Nov 4, '19

Brands and retailers are similar in nature when it comes to the role upselling plays.  While providing outstanding customer service and producing quality products is certainly important, it’s the sometimes-forgotten art of the upsell that remains a key priority for any and all wholesalers.

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