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Revising The Retail Landscape (Source: Forbes Technology Council)

Posted by Kristin Savilia on Mon, Jun 22, '20

Lately I've found myself spending extra time reading up on current events, trying to make sense of them using context from the past. We are all looking to understand what the future world will look like. 

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Coronavirus: Do You Have Your Back-Up Business Continuity Plans in Place

Posted by Kristin Savilia on Wed, Mar 4, '20

We’ve heard many stories in recent days from brands advising us their buyers are not able to attend market due to coronavirus. They have shared the success they are having with JOOR’s virtual showrooms, allowing them to continue uninterrupted business, albeit remotely.

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Welcome Chris Akrimi, JOOR's New Global Sales Leader

Posted by Kristin Savilia on Mon, Jan 13, '20

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2020! It is going to be an exciting one for JOOR and our industry. I'm kicking off with some exciting news about a new member of our leadership team - Chris Akrimi. He has joined JOOR as Senior Vice President, Global Sales. 

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To Build Great Tech, Prioritize Diversity

Posted by Kristin Savilia on Wed, Aug 14, '19

All Raise recently pushed us to #AskTheQuestion. Are we--technology leaders and founders--setting diversity and inclusion as a non-negotiable metric for how we build, lead and grow? 

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