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Posted by JOOR on Wed, Jan 13, '21

2021 is here, and with it, a new season of fashion events. Thanks to COVID, shows will remain virtual for the foreseeable future. That’s where JOOR’s virtual trade show platform, Passport, comes in – to power virtual shows and keep the industry humming. 

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Retail Recovery Roadmap: Survive in the Short-term, Last for the Long Term

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Jan 6, '21

When your house is on fire, put out the blaze before you start building on the addition. Conventional wisdom, right? Maybe back in a year ago… but these days, according to industry veteran and former Neiman Marcus president and chief merchandising officer Jim Gold, “...we all have to walk and chew gum.” That means not only tending to the critical, short-term needs that have to be addressed to survive the moment.

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Buyers’ Top Three Challenges and How to Win at Them

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Dec 22, '20

For wholesale buyers, the stars have aligned.  

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Five Steps Brands Can Take to Up Their Agility Now

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Dec 17, '20

According to industry experts, wholesale needs to accelerate its structural and strategic agility--and do it fast. In order to pull through the next 18-24 months, brands must bite the bullet and finally shift to demand-focused business models. Thankfully, ‘building resilience’ isn’t an abstract concept only a technologist can put into action. It also doesn’t have to mean a top to bottom digitization that happens in one fell swoop. 

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Posted by JOOR on Thu, Dec 10, '20

Our 2021 Report A new Blueprint for Wholesale is finally here!

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Glossy Names JOOR CEO Kristin Savilia as ‘Glossy 50’ Award Recipient

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Dec 2, '20

JOOR CEO recognized in Industry Transformation category for digital innovation and leadership over the course of 2020

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Why virtual showrooms must connect to a platform, not a tool

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Nov 25, '20

What used to be a nice to have--digital connection--is now a must-have. With the shift to virtual showrooms and virtual tradeshows, brands are asking for a complete wholesale management system that streamlines and connects their day-to-day tasks and brings them completely online. A tool can help digitize one or two tasks, but a platform automates and connects your entire wholesale process--inside of your company and with all your trading partners. Here are some of the benefits a platform can bring:

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Diverse wholesale partnerships are the best insurance policy

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Nov 24, '20

The experience of 2020 has taught us the real possibility of extreme economic and social shock. No one anticipated the health crisis or its comprehensive disruption of the apparel industry. 

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Virtual Showrooms Done Right: How to Increase Success Through Collaboration

Posted by JOOR on Fri, Nov 13, '20

When it comes to digital, ‘reimagining’ is the name of the game. 

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Jim Gold on the Road to Retail Recovery

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Oct 1, '20

According to retail veteran Jim Gold, “... the only thing we can count on right now, is change.” But in his recent discussion with JOOR CEO Kristin Savilia, the former Neiman Marcus Group President and Chief Merchandising Officer expressed confidence our industry can solve for this challenge. He urged brands and retailers to stay positive and, drawing on his 30 years in retail, he offered best practices to stay on top of the current continuous flux.

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