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Showroom Canada Puts New Talent Center Stage With Exceptional Design And Conscious Appeal

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Mar 18, '21

People often say that art will find a way. But even the most talented and determined independent designers have spent the past year navigating some pretty intense terrain.  Thankfully, increased digitization has revealed promising new directions--creating opportunities for emerging talent to reach audiences and for buyers to discover them. 

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Infographic: How Digital Tradeshows and Virtual Showrooms Deliver Brand Discovery And Success

Posted by JOOR on Mon, Mar 15, '21

Bringing your wholesale business online is an essential part of success in this new digital era. Based on industry trends, 9 out of 10 B2B decision-makers believe online buying will be a fixture throughout 2021 and beyond. We predict this trend will only continue. Industry professionals continue to rely on technology, from creating virtual showrooms and hosting digital trade shows to finding a platform for order management and data insights.

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Topics: Infographic, tradeshows, virtual showroom

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