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[WEBINAR] JOOR & BRAZIL: Adopting Digital for Success in Today’s Global Market

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Aug 10, '21

The global pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in the fashion industry, with brands and retailers recognizing the benefits of collaborating through a digital platform.  While the predominant way of doing business in Brazil has been rooted in largely manual processes, the country has recognized the need for digital transformation and the opportunity it represents.

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Webinar: Responsible Fashion in Today's Digital Climate

Posted by JOOR on Tue, Jun 1, '21

In the past year, the fashion industry has proven its resilience and also acknowledged the importance of sustainability as critical to our future.

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Your Brand’s Digital Superpower: 5 Reasons To Use Data As Your Single Source Of Truth

Posted by JOOR on Wed, May 12, '21

In her recent webinar, ‘Driving Growth In A Changing Wholesale Market,’ preeminent fashion business consultant Lisa Metcalfe advised brands how to strategize smart post-COVID. Her central message? Thoughtful and measured scaling of operations, based on careful cost-benefit analysis, will carry companies forward in this volatile environment--safely, steadily, and while minimizing risk.

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Webinar: Driving Growth In A Changing Wholesale Market

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Apr 14, '21

The post-pandemic market has become fashion’s new frontier: rife with possibility, but also full of changing business dynamics. Coming off a challenging year, how can brands best minimize their risk and set themselves up for success?  

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