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JOOR's New Standardized Pricing: Making Wholesale Smarter

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Sep 4, '19

As the world’s industry-standard wholesale platform for fashion, beauty and home, JOOR works daily to make the entire wholesale process smoother and smarter for brands and retailers. And now, that includes our pricing model too.

JOOR Pro for Brands will now follow a user-based pricing system.  Which means Pro Brands will pay a fixed price per user, billed either monthly or (with an additionally reduced cost) annually. 

Here’s why we made the switch: 

  • It’s simple to understand and 100% transparent.  Brand partners can clearly see how their pricing gets calculated, predict costs ahead of time, and easily assess ROI.   
  • It lines up with best practice.  This more modern, user-based structure is consistent with many other standard software pricing models. 
  • It supports your growth.  Your business is evolving all the time; standardized pricing creates the flexibility you need to pivot as opportunities emerge.


A vision of innovation

This modern, standardized pricing is part of a bigger, transformative picture.  JOOR’s ongoing innovations help brands manage a spectrum of wholesale processes fast, thoughtfully and seamlessly--and the year’s not over yet! So far, JOOR has introduced:

  • Snapshot, the live dashboard which:
    • gives brands easy-to-read, real time data visuals around key wholesale metrics;  
    • allows brands to create market appointments and auto-generate email confirmations directly through the platform; 
    • offers budget rollups against sales totals, and 
    • provides at-a-glance sales by country and, for the U.S., sales by state.
  • Additional automations that further answer brands’ needs, such as: 
    • Cancel/Replace, which scales users’ ability to suggest alternate styles to out-of-stock items and cancelled items, and
    • Order management, which reimagines the end-to-end order list experience. 
  • And, new user and shopping interfaces that elevate the users’ experience, and match the new JOOR branding. 


JOOR’s innovation helps drive our partners’ growth with smooth, smart wholesale technology.  Our new streamlined pricing aligns with our mission--to reduce barriers, simplify processes and digitally transform the industry we love.

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