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Webinar: Driving Growth In A Changing Wholesale Market

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Apr 14, '21

The post-pandemic market has become fashion’s new frontier: rife with possibility, but also full of changing business dynamics. Coming off a challenging year, how can brands best minimize their risk and set themselves up for success?  

In this essential webinar, Driving Growth in a Changing Wholesale Market, respected industry mentor and in-demand consultant Lisa Metcalfe will share her best operational advice. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to automate repetitive processes to expand seamlessly and responsibly 
  • How to access and learn from your data and get agile for growth
  • How to invest in technology that integrates and unlocks business opportunity
  • How and when to bring international markets into a development plan

And many other valuable insights.

Ready to drive growth in 2021?  Watch now to make your company’s business operations its growth engine. 

Lisa Metcalfe Webinar

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