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Why virtual showrooms must connect to a platform, not a tool

Posted by JOOR on Wed, Nov 25, '20

What used to be a nice to have--digital connection--is now a must-have. With the shift to virtual showrooms and virtual tradeshows, brands are asking for a complete wholesale management system that streamlines and connects their day-to-day tasks and brings them completely online. A tool can help digitize one or two tasks, but a platform automates and connects your entire wholesale process--inside of your company and with all your trading partners. Here are some of the benefits a platform can bring:

  • Connection to a community. What’s the point of creating a beautiful virtual showroom if buyers can’t find you? Digital wholesale tools limit brands’ trade to only designated retailers, functioning like simple two-way streets--but a digital platform creates a whole ecosystem. JOOR brands have the opportunity to research and connect with any of the 200,000+ global retailers on JOOR; can leverage the platform to sell products up front in all of the current JOOR Passport virtual markets; and can bring all their current retailers online for smoother, faster wholesaling.  A pretty impressive superpower considering more than three quarters of B2B buyers say they now prefer digital interactions and purchasing over face-to-face--a sentiment that has steadily intensified even after the end of spring lockdowns.                                  
  • The simplicity of a single integration. A platform breaks down silos and makes trading with partners easier. Unlike a tool approach, JOOR requires only one integration--with the brand’s ERP--and it happens at the time of onboarding. After that initial setup, JOOR becomes the single point of truth for order management on the platform--automating and exponentially simplifying the internal wholesale process. At the same time opening doors for brands to freely connect and trade with every existing and future retail partner on the platform. And to further decrease any friction, JOOR works closely with over 50 ERP partners to implement that initial integration for all of its partner brands, and together with all facets of onboarding and training, provides ongoing live support through a dedicated Customer Success Manager and 24/7 customer care.  

“The team at JOOR was such a strong support,” explained Temma Dahan Newman, Design Director at womens’ lifestyle brand 9seed. ‘We started the process on a Friday, and we were done by Sunday. They encouraged us and truly helped us learn the product and the system, until we were good to go. ‘Whatever you need, we are here for you’--that’s what they told us initially, and it’s been true every step of the way.” 


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  • Seamless order capability. The more steps that must happen between a buyer’s decision to purchase and completion of the transaction, the higher the chance for attrition. Virtual showrooms need the capability to capture orders directly and digitally from the platform to satisfy all retailers--a feature that JOOR’s interconnected platform offers. 

  • Stock balancing and other troubleshooting in a crisis. 2020 has taught us to expect and prepare for the unexpected, and being on a platform gives brands options to weather any storm. For example, the health crisis hurt the majority of brands on both sides with delayed deliveries and order cancelations--which left many holding large amounts of excess inventory. But being on a platform gave JOOR brands options many others did not have, such as the ability to reach out to new business partners in parts of the world ‘returning to normal’ faster. JOOR brands worked harder than ever to better educate their current retailers and newfound partners--equipping them with the right tools to work on JOOR confidently. And JOOR features like The Edit-- a collaborative virtual styleboard that allows brands to curate looks and collections using multimedia assets and present them in real time via screen sharing on their video conference software of choice.


A full function digital platform like JOOR gives brands the opportunities and resilience to grow and thrive in any market -- including an uncertain one. To experience the many options JOOR provides, request a demo to learn more. 

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