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Self Serve for Lite Brands

Posted by JOOR on Thu, Oct 3, '19

With the new "Self Serve" feature, lite brands will have the long-awaited ability to upload styles and create linesheets instantly by uploading a .csv template to your style data. 


Using Self Serve Uploader:

1. Login to your JOOR Account

2. Click Linesheets and in the dropdown click Import Styles
Note: you’ll be able to find the self serve on your homepage as well!

3. Select the retailers that you want to upload styles for

User-added image

Generate template and fill out with your appropriate style information

  • CSV files only
  • Upload at the SKU level (1 row per size) or style color level (List of sized per style color)
  • Required fields marked with a *
  • Linesheet data filled in later in step 2; users only will upload style data here
  • Currently one linesheet at a time

User-added image


4. Summary, Resolve Errors, and Upload Images

User-added image

View Summary:

  • See total styles uploaded
  • See new styles- style numbers that were not already in JOOR
  • See updated styles- style numbers that were already in JOOR
Resolve Errors:
  • User will see styles that have data errors, with specific messages and details displayed for each error
  • User can download a CSV report of all errors

Add images:

User can add a link to their images if they have one

NOTE: this will still go through our internal data team and will take about 24-48 hours

5. Create / Upload Linesheet

User-added image

Create Linesheet:

Fill in data to create a new linesheet

Update Linesheet:

Choose an existing linesheet to update. It will UPDATE (add new styles to), not overwrite.

User can also choose to proceed without creating or updating a linesheet, and just upload their styles. 
            Note: Styles are only visible 

6. Share with Retailers    

User-added image

Add retailer’s emails to send them a tokenized link with the linesheet that you’ve uploaded


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